Devin King and Caroline Picard

Approach noise as a green people / Strung into collections of sitting

Rehearsal for Grand Opera for One Person : Bugonia / These Necrotic Ethos Come the Plains

May 26   2013

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Pulling from toy theater and the operatic tradition of regietheater, combined with the effect of streaming media in the present day, Caroline Picard and Devin King’s Rehearsal for Grand Opera for One Person inserts these threads into a DIY exhibition site and performance art context. Eventually intended for a one-person audience, King and Picard will present a public rehearsal of their microscopic opera that combines lecture, poetry, and video within A Slender Gamut’s 5′x5′ exhibition space.

Caroline Picard is a Chicago-based artist, writer and curator. She is the founding editor of the Green Lantern Press. Books include

Psycho Dream Factory (Holon Press, 2011) and The Chronicles of Fortune (Holon Press, 2011). She is the Managing Editor of the Bad at Sports

blog on contemporary art and culture. More at

Devin King is a writer and teacher working in Chicago. His long poem, CLOPS, is out from the Green Lantern Press where he is now an Associate Editor.

A new chapbook, The Resonant Space, is out from Holon Press. He teaches at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

More at