The Edge of the Blade and the Stream on Either Side

A Group Show Featuring 5 Artists

Elizabeth Cox
Roberto Munguia
Kit Reisch
Matthew Whitenack
Giacomo Yaquinto
April 29 – May 31  2012

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 The Edge Of The Blade and The Stream On Either Side is a show about the passage of time and our  hesitant or certain inclinations in a present moment.

Like baseball, life is a lot of apparent inaction, or relatively subtle shifting (movement in any case), studded with spurts of more apparent action/ progress.

There are points in time that we pack our things and points in time that we unpack and set up shops – we do this with varying levels of investment and scale of vision.

As this is the inaugural show at A Slender Gamut all of the works deal directly with initiation – memory, hesitance, certain intention, anticipation.