Raul Vincent Enriquez

Man Cave

June 9 – June 30   2013

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Raul Vincent Enriquez’ deep fried hideout seduces as well as piques our trained sensibilities involving mouth-watering olfactory whiffs, sex-situationally acceptable grooming techniques, and spinal comfort.

Man Cave’s exterior is chicharron, cigar smoke, and “the reach around” cocktail.  Man Cave’s interior, more boudoir than beer and grease-soaked sofa sitting, is a site of shameless male vanity.  This is not conspicuous, sloppily indulgent machismo.  This is an all too frequently celebrated notion of “manliness” that has been tweaked.

There is a space that we find, rather that we build, and inhabit when it is necessary to process, to primp, to drink, to smoke, to shuffle objects around, to eat, to sleep, and to work.