May 2014


A Slender Gamut presents SEARCH RESULTS, an exhibition of objects selected by thirty people.
There is a dangerous moment when the limits of our known vocabulary catch us in a loop: our search engines churn out the same results and our collective discoveries are scarily similar. The continuing artistic process of deconstructing popular expectations and moving beyond stale vocabularies calls us to tweak our search engine’s algorithm–to change the shape of our filter and find things other than what we are directed to consume.  Being attuned to discovery in the physical world, and without the need for reassuring consensus, allows us to catch and consider the things that offer up revelation. The Library demonstrates a method of generating primary sources and exhibiting the building blocks for a new vocabulary.
Having committed to the Library and its results, we propose an investigation of the complicated act of choosing, the circumstantial and arbitrary nature of decision-making, the fallacy of autonomous thinking, and the near impossibility of randomness. In Search Results we highlight the chosen’s chosen, which is to say: we present not only the requests made of a certain group of persons, but also the choosiness of these featured contributors and their respective intentions (or lack thereof).
Matthew Whitenack and Olivia Smith